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UK Utility Suppliers

Get the cheapest price for your gas, electricity and telephone bills by comparing the products, services, savings and then changing suppliers, all online!


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Comment: Their aim is to help customers take advantage of the best prices, offers and services from every supplier of gas, electricity, home phone calls and digital TV packages. Use the site to compare prices and then switch online. Additional features include information on why you should switch supplier and retrieval of previous searches and applications made online.
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About Your Money
Comment: A guide to UK personal finance and investing. It provides information, advice, comparison tools, applications and directories on a wide range of financial subjects to enable you to make informed decisions. Areas covered include credit cards, personal loans, mortgages, insurance, savings, spread betting, online trading and utilities.
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Comment: Use this site and browse the product benefits to find out how you can save on your gas, electricity and telephone with British Gas. Links provide information on gas and electricity pricing and you can apply online or if you are looking for a new telephone deal, view their range of telephone packages. Take a look at their energy saving ideas.
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Comment: The UK's first utilities price comparison service, set up in 1998 with the aim of helping consumers find the cheapest energy suppliers in the deregulated market. The service now includes other savings calculators to help you cut down on those dreaded household bills.
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Comment: They provide an informative site on home electricity and gas. The site allows free searching of every UK utility by price, service standard and green energy rating. Their online calculators allow you to compare deals from each provider, against one another and also against your current costs. Immediate online sign up available. Free energy newsletter.
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Comment: An online service that aims to help you make the right choices for your energy, insurance and financial needs. To obtain an online quote you will need to answer a series of personal questions. If your insurance needs are slightly more complicated you can get contact details and get information over the phone.
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Comment: A free and easy-to-use service to help you find the best deal for the services supplied to your home and business. An independent and simple way to help you save money on your gas and electricity bills. This service is not biased to any supplier, is comprehensive, comparing all tariffs from all suppliers and is accurate and up-to-date.
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UK Power
Comment: This website features calculators to help you save money on gas and electricity, and shows price comparisons between all of the suppliers in your area. There are no charges for this service, which features convenient links on the results pages so you can easily transfer your accounts.
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Cheapest Gas & Electricity UK
Comment: They not only show you who has the most attractive deal but also give you information as to who is offering introductory discounts and other loyalty incentives, and provide consumers with the ability to compare gas and electricity prices from utility suppliers in the UK. Find out about using gas efficiently, and health and safety information.
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Comment: Utility Brokers specialising in reducing utility costs for business and domestic customers. They advise on gas, electricity, telecom, water and sewerage. PowerCheck can help your business to reduce utility costs by finding the right suppliers, contracts and tariffs.
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